Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get those scissors ready: Cutting out for your High-Waisted Skirt

{Ok, so no laughing at my self-portraits.  Its tough to do!  And I wasn't about to hand over my camera to my 8 year old.}

I love my skirt.  I'd love it more if I were about 20 lbs lighter but for post-baby, I'm loving it.  {Don't you love my shoes too?  Mike bought them for me - such a sweet husband.}

I used my seam ripper a few more times than I would have liked in making this skirt, but its all for YOU.  My plan was to figure out how to make this skirt, mistakes expected, in order to help you try to avoid making too many of your own:-)

So you've got your fabric for the skirt... Now what?

Always Recommended: pre-wash, dry, and iron your fabric before cutting.  Launder the fabric as you would the finished project.

First of all: 
Take some measurements using your sewing tape measure:
Your natural waist {the indentation above your belly button but below your rib cage- you want it to be a fitted measurement}  We'll call it W

Desired Length of skirt {from where bottom of the approx 4" waistband will sit to wherever you want the length to be- better to be too long than short**}  We'll call it L

Decide how gathered you'd like your skirt.  Kelly's skirt shown in the post below is "moderately gathered".  I wanted mine to be super gathered.  This will determine the width of your skirt piece.
"Moderately gathered" = Approx 1 1/2 to 2 times your W
Super gathered = Approx 2 1/2 to 3 times your W  {Mine was about 3 times my W
***You will have to purchase more fabric the more gathered you want it, unless you're able to cut 2 skirt pieces from your fabric's width***

Sorry, you have to do some math...And remember when you sat in math class in junior high and thought it'd never be useful:-)

Width of Skirt Piece in Inches= {(1.5 to 3) x W} + 1 (for seam allowance)

Length of Skirt Piece in Inches = L + 2 {for seam allowances}

Cut your skirt piece using measurement results from above= Width of Skirt Piece in Inches x Length of Skirt Piece in Inches  (i.e.   61" x 22" for a 30" waist with a moderately gathered skirt)

**If you are unsure it is always better to cut a little more.  You can always trim later.**
*If you would like some tips on cutting, see our post HERE for some tips and video tutorial.*

Now look at the fabric that remains.  You will have to cut out 2 waistbands and 4 ties, so arrange before cutting!

, print, and tape together notespattern1.pdf and notepattern2.pdf of Kelly's pattern piece HERE.  This is your waistband piece.  {I added a few inches to my pattern piece length because my waist is a little larger.}

****Add 1/2" seam allowance to outside of pattern piece on top, bottom, and side NOT marked 'fold'***

Kelly instructs "Once you have printed our the pattern, cut two from your fabric and 1 from the interfacing."  Remember to place the "fold" edge of pattern piece on the folded fabric or interfacing accordingly before cutting.

Last cutting step:
"To make the ties you will need 4 pieces the same width and length".  I wanted wide and long ties.  My ties measured 3" x 42".  Make sure to Cut 4.

You should have CUT:
1 skirt piece {or 2 skirt pieces if you'd like to buy less fabric and the fabric width is wide enough}.
2 waistbands from fabric
1 waistband from interfacing
4 ties

I pray that this all makes sense.  Please, please ask me questions if you have any before cutting.  I tried my best to make this easy for you and explain everything, but as you can see, its late and its very possible that I've jumbled my words.

Come to class with your fabric cut and your bobbins wound and machine threaded.  We've got to get busy, busy!

Please RSVP to let me know if you will be coming to this class.  Thanks ladies!!


Williams Forever said...

That is soooooo cute!!! And it looks great on you!!! Cant wait to get my skinny back and wear one too!!

Katrina said...

Very cute. Love the shoes. I won't be doing this one because I am high waisted and you don't even want to see what I look like with a shirt tucked in. Not a pretty sight - even at 20 or 30 pounds lighter.

Brianne-zam said...

First of all, I don't believe you:-) Its just out of your comfort zone. I bet you'd look fabulous. High-waisted skirts are perfect for those of us who want the appearance of a waist:-)
You have another option, there is a pattern for a little girl version on her blog. Go to the same link and then download the notespattern3.pdf. you can follow the "taking notes" link on the blog and see pictures of her daughter in it. she made matching ones.