Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preparing for our first 'in class' projects - Throw Pillow Cover or Pillowcase

We're almost there - our first 'in class' projects- choose between making a throw pillow cover or a pillowcase.  We are asking that you have your fabric cut out before class so that we can concentrate our time on sewing {since we witnessed last week that the adage, 'time flies when you are having fun' definitely applies to sewing}.

Here are some basic tips for preparing your fabric:
How-to Video: How to cut fabric - you can just watch the video clip below, or click on this link for a text step by step list.

{have never done tip#3 but probably a good idea.  i never use another fabric to keep my project fabric from slipping, but hey, if its helps you then give it a try.  you'll figure out what works best for you.  this will be a good reference for the future as well when we have pattern pieces.  you will be just be cutting out basic shapes out of your fabric this time.}

Short little article: Cutting fabric, a few tips

Remember- wash, dry, and iron all before cutting!  Launder your fabric as you would the finished project.
I use a cutting board when cutting out my pieces.  The measurements and grids make cutting out (my least favorite part of sewing) a lot easier.  Basic cardboard ones are super cheap at Wal-Mart or Jo-anns.

Good sewing rule: Measure twice, cut once!

Here are the list of supplies for the throw pillow cover:

Throw Pillow Cover - envelope and zipper closure
pillow form

pillow front

pillow back

Pillow form(s) - any size, either square or rectangle shape - you can even recover an old one
Fabric - recommend cotton, home decor or quilting fabric would work, just remember to choose a fabric you think will hold up to use
Envelope style- Front piece: 1" longer each direction than pillow form
{my form was 18" x 18" so i cut a piece 19" x 19"}
Back pieces: 1" longer in height and 5 1/2" longer than the length measurement
{i cut my piece 19" x 23 1/2"}
Then take your left edge and fold it to the right edge.  Mark the fold, which now has become the center of your piece. (Make sure that they way you fold it creates halves that are wide, not skinny rectangles).  Open up the fabric and cut.  You now should have 2 equal rectangles for the back pieces.

Zipper style- Front & Back pieces: 1" longer each direction than pillow form
{my form was 24" x 24" so i cut 2 pieces 25" x 25"}

Calculating yardage {how much fabric you need}
Sorry, you're going to have to do a little math:-(

Yard= 36"Length x Varying Width
Quilting fabric is usually 44"
Home Decor is usually about 54-60"

Ask these questions to help you figure out how much fabric you need:
How many pillows do you want to make?  
Do you want the same fabric for both styles of pillows or different?
For the envelope pillow, is there a certain way I want the pattern on the fabric to run?

All else fails, ASK someone for help:-)  They would be happy to help.

For my 18"x 18" envelope pillow, I could make 2 pillows from 1 1/4 yard of 44" quilting fabric.
Its always a good idea to buy a little extra fabric for a project.
Bring your cut pieces!
Thread - one spool - choose one that will match the dominant color in your fabric.  i always pull out the thread from the spool and lay it on my fabric to see how it looks. sometimes the color of the thread all together on the spool is different from how it looks as a stitch.  choose a good general purpose thread - polyester is good for most fabrics.
Zipper(s) - one per pillow you wish to make- length 2" shorter than finished pillow.  choose a color that will blend well with fabric choice.
Your basic sewing supplies
Machine manual
Tape measure
Straight pins
Seam ripper
Ironing board
Fabric marker or chalk

PLEASE RSVP to let us know you will be coming.  If you can bring any of the needed items listed in the sidebar, that would be oh so helpful! 

ALSO, please leave a COMMENT to tell us WHICH CLASS you will be attending.  Thanks!!  See you on Wednesday.


Sarah Stewart said...

Sorry, I'm confused. For the pillowcase how much fabric? Is it the same?

Brianne-zam said...

Hi Sarah. So sorry, I tried really hard not to have this be confusing:-) This post is just for the throw pillow cover. Heather actually listed how much fabric for the pillowcases in the next post.
Thanks for your patience with us.

MWilson said...

I will be making the throw pillow cover:)

Brianne-zam said...

Gladys, Marcie, Nicole also RSVPed for throw pillow cover. Please let us know which class you will be attending. Thanks!

Brianne-zam said...

Kristina and Vanessa will be making the pillow cover too.