Craft Explosion Registration

Hello to you all
Come on down and let us know you will be joining us in all of the creative mayhem.
Once you have perused all of the fabulous project posts and have made the extremely difficult decision of which crafts you will be doing...{but can't i do them all??... why YES!}...

Fill out our form below with all that ever important info
{It may help to open up another browser window while you register so as to have easy access to your class options.}

Then proceed to pay through your instructor's accepted from of payment - Cash, Check, or Paypal/Credit Card - by the date shown in the project post. {either Nov 2 if online ordering is required or Nov 6}

No money is immediately required to register!  If you opt for the convenient Paypal/Credit Card payment option, the button is below that says 'Buy Now' .... which really means 'Buy Anytime' {before the due date of course}

Let the crafting ignite!!!

Fill out my online form.

**Just a brief note regarding the registration fee: This year there will be a minimal $5 registration fee to help defray my cost of supplies, setup, and online fees. I hope that this will not discourage anyone from coming, but indicate to you that I am working hard to create a beautiful and worthwhile event for you to spend your time creating, chatting, eating, relaxing, and enjoying! To help keep costs at a minimum, I would be so grateful to anyone who would be willing to bring a treat to share at the event.