Friday, November 12, 2010

At Home Project #3: Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

Well apparently I've created some necklace-making addicts, so what does a good friend do?... feed the addiction:-)  Here is our At Home Project for November.

This is another necklace that I wanted to make in our last class but couldn't squeeze it in.  The main reason I eliminated this one was that this one requires some machine sewing and the others don't.  It is inspired by these two necklaces from my favorite store (that I've never bought anything for myself at), Anthropologie.

You can find the tutorial here on the blog How Joyful.  I can't wait to try it out!  Looks like some more late nights ladies!  Call me to join you:-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smiles and Success! Our November Class

Last night we had a fantastic time playing Santa's little elves creating Christmas gifts in the form of pajamas and necklaces.  The ladies were greeted by this darling Welcome sign drawn by my sweet Owen.  Cheering erupted as some saw their fabric pieces come together to look like pants:-) as well as for others who completed 2 out of our 3 necklaces.  Great job ladies!  

Congratulations to Jennifer who was the winner of our sweet little giveaway.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November RSVP Giveaway - Dressing Up Your Tissue

We all can use a little incentive to do things that aren't necessarily our favorite.  So once again we are bribing you with a GIVEAWAY for RSVPing,
whether its a YES (which we would love ) or
a 'no' (so sad)
we'll still enter you into the drawing.

This month our lovely Heather is whipping up this sweet little

which sadly I can not win, because its at my house, so no RSVP necessary.

But for one of you lucky ladies, you can be styling as you daintily take out a tissue to wipe your needy nose, or quite likely, for a little person.

So please,
or YELL.

Let us know if you are coming and to which class.

See ya tomorrow (hopefully) !

PJ Pant Updates

Hello everyone...I know you must all be wondering about how to make your PJ Pants.
It's been pretty crazy at my house lately so I apologize for not having all the info you need on here.
But here it is...
~If you want to make PJ pants for children, I have a pattern for the sizes...3-8 and will bring it to the class. For the adults...XS-XL I also have the printable pattern for this, that I will also bring for those who didn't want to deal with the whole printable pattern issue. OK.

What you need for the childrens PJ's are~
7/8 yard of Fabric
7/8 yd
1 yd
1 5/8 yd
1 5/8 yd
1 3/4 yd
(I would always get more fabric just in case.)

*you will need elastic~ 7/8 yard of 3/4" wide elastic

For the Adults PJ Pants you will need~
Sizes... ( for 45" or 60" wide fabric)
2 3/4 yd
2 3/4 yd
2 3/4 yd
2 7/8 yd
2 7/8 yd

*elastic 1 1/4 yd of 1/2" wide elastic
~Dont forget to prewash your fabric's too.

Bring all your wonderful sewing stuff the you would normally need to the class.
sewing machine,

Don't forget about our GIVEAWAY....wahooo.
Just RSVP and let me or Briana know which class your going to do.

Thank you and sorry again for the inconveniences.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at our sewing class.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Serious Sewing:-) Aprons and Bags

There was some serious sewing going on at our last class, so much so that the noise level had dramatically decreased from last time during some portions of the night.  Maybe its just that we are trying to stretch you as a seamstress and help guide you through more intense projects:-)  We had a great group of 12 this time, with my neighbor Julie joining us for the first time.  Welcome Julie!  We had some empty seats, so come join us next time!  Here are some photos of us busy at work on our aprons and bags:

And can you believe it, Marcie won our Giveaway again.  She is one lucky lady!  Enjoy your darling reusable tote Marcie.

November Class: 3 Necklaces - Perfect for Christmas Gifts

You heard it right folks, 3, count them, 3 necklaces



I think we can do it!!!  You can make 3 Christmas presents by the end of the night (or maybe you'll have to keep them for yourself:-) )  Why 3 you ask?  Well because I just couldn't choose just 1, and 2 of the 3 are really quick.  The last one is easy but a little more time consuming.

So what do you need to bring you ask...

Necklace #1 Asymmetrical Leather Bow Necklace 

  • a strip of leather or faux leather 4"x 1" (I bought an old purse at a thrift store for $.50 to cut)
    • make sure it is thin and flexible
  • a strip of leather or faux leather 2"x .5 " (that's .5 as in a half inch)
  • jewelry chain - you can buy jewelry chain, a cheap necklace, or just reuse one you already have
  • a clasp - if you are buying new jewelry chain
  • 2 small and 2 large jump rings (the tutorial creator used 1cm and .5cm jump rings that she found packaged together at Jo Ann Fabrics but I don't think the exact size really matters)
    • read package carefully to make sure they are jump rings.  i bought the wrong kind and was about to chuck the necklace out the window mid-project :)
  • jewelry pliers (you can find inexpensive sets at most craft stores - hers were $10 for five pliers of different styles, and she used a 50% off coupon) or needle-nose pliers & wire cutters together will probably work
  • hot glue gun (not everyone will need to bring one, but if you can bring one, please let me know so I'll know how many we will have)
  • a large-ish needle
Necklace #2 Lace Necklace


  • gold necklace chain - jewelry chain, cheap necklace, or reuse one you already have
  • a clasp - if buying new jewelry chain
  • 9" piece of lace - vintage lace would be so pretty if you have some ( I ended up trimming my lace to 6" once I held it up to my neck- feel free to do the same to whatever size you want)
    • I have some if you'd just like to use mine
  • gold thread
    • I will provide unless you'd like to bring your own
  • hand-sewing needle
  • I will be providing the metallic gold spray paint, but you are welcome to buy your own to do another necklace at home

Necklace #3 Ribbon and Pearls

  • 2 1/2 yards of approx. 7/8" or 1" ribbon (I choose grosgrain)
  • package of pearls or beads (I bought a package of 240 piece 10mm pearls and have made 2 necklaces with maybe enough for a 3rd)
  • thread to match ribbon - (a thicker thread will be most easy to use)
  • hand sewing needle
  • binder clips (optional) makes it a little easier to sew

So take a little break from your machine and get to know your hand-sewing needles better.  We will definitely need some extra desk lamps as we will be making small stitches and working with little pieces.     Head lamps would be awesome for this:-)

As always, please RSVP and let us know which class you will be attending.  Thanks again!

November Class: Pajama Pants

Nothing says Christmas by the fire, then comfy pajama pants.

For the complete printable pattern pieces and instructions see the following link:
Easy PJ Pants by Simplicity
**Make sure to download all three listed links on the site to figure out size, fabric recommendations, all the needed supplies, etc

Questions???... Feel free to contact Heather