Monday, February 7, 2011

February RSVP Giveaway: Life-saving Liquid Stitch

Yes, its that time again...The countdown to our next class...those last few days, hours to get all your fabric and notions purchased and then that fabric ready for class.

This month our RSVP Giveaway is one of my favorite products:

This stuff is amazing and life-saving if you've got to repair something and don't have the time or resources to do it "properly" or if you just don't want to use your machine.  It's MacGyver's companion or Lazy Susan's champion, whichever suits you:-)

This little bottle is great to have around.  Here's the little description of it:
No need for sewing when this permanent glue holds fabric in place-wash afterwash! Just the thing for easy, stitch-free crafting; great for hemming too. The liquid fabric adhesive dries clear for flawless results
So you know the drill:  call, email, comment on the blog, FB, text, yell across the neighborhood...
Wow there's a lot of ways to communicate, so pretty please choose one and let me know yay or nay on coming and if its a Yay!! please let me know which class.

Thanks so much and I would love love it if I could get some help with those needed things listed in the sidebar: lamps, extension cords, ironing boards, etc.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Im coming for the skirt.
WHEWWWWW.... I hope this isn't over my head....
and let me know whatever you want to borrow.. is yours.