Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Class: Pool/Beach Towel Bag

Hello ladies,
As promised, your supplies and instruction from our guest instructor Danielle Dwelley for our

This coming Tues, Jul 12th 
@ 7:30pm @ my house

I am so grateful to Danielle for agreeing to teach this month.  Here are her instructions for us:

This is a super easy project I did with my sister-in laws a few weeks ago. It is an over sized  Beach/Pool bag made out of a bath towel. Here are the list of supplies you will need.
1 lg bath towel (mine was 54x31 I got it at Wal-Mart for under $7)
1 yard of Belting trim 1" this is for the straps (at Joann's it is where the elastic is at Wal-mart it is with the ribbon by the yard section with the trim)
Thread to match the belting trim
****Before class cut 10" off the top of the towel and bring to class***
I am excited to show everyone how to make this bag. Once you make this bag you can go home and make smaller bags for your kids out of dish towels. My kids love theirs. See you Tuesday

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Classes: Beach Towel Bag and Open Class

Hello sewing family!
You have not been forgotten, I promise.
Our class this July will be a Beach Towel Bag {literally a beach towel turned into a fabulously huge beach bag} taught by our own Danielle Dwelley.
She is putting together all the details for me to post very soon.
Check back.

Our other class will be an Open Sewing Class.  Come and bring any project you wish to work on and I will be happy to lend some assistance.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer:-)

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