Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Craft Explosion Lineup

i am happy to present your 2012 Craft Explosion lineup.
the amount of classes has expanded this year as has the interest in the event!
Pinterest is a fabulous tool in discovering trending bloggers and creatives and i have been inspired by the remarkable ideas that are floating around just waiting to be put into action!  

we will be having 13 classes for you to choose from!!
2 nights {Nov 14 & 15}, each 3 hours long and divided into 2 sessions - 
call me crazy but i want to see how many people we can comfortably squeeze in my house
class times and fees will be posted shortly 
and online registration will begin!
plus you will get to meet the ladies that will make it all happen.
clear your calendar
and follow this blog to get the latest details on the event.

thank you everyone for helping to spread the word about Craft Explosion.
grab a button from the sidebar to put on your blog
share it on Facebook
pin it to your Pinterest boards
dial up a friend and plan your carpool

with no further ado...your 2012 Craft Explosion lineup.

Needle Felting Elbow Patches

{general examples of the class concept}

Chalkboard Paint Jars

{exact label shapes may vary}

Mercury Glass

Fabric Pom Pom

Paint Dipped Utensils

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ka-Pow, Craft Explosion is on

{photo by alibubba}

well its finally happening

after all that has been happening in my life
{need to catch up... don't feel bad, me too... you can read up here}
i almost let it pass by, just not sure i had it in me,
but i decided to i must do it for several important reasons:
* i would be so sad if i didn't do it, i had a blast last year, can you believe its been a whole year?
* i miss you ladies, i need your energy and craftiness
* i desperately need a creative rush, and there are so many amazing projects just calling our names
* my daddy was such a supporter of my classes, and i know he would want me to carry on

so it is decided
CRAFT EXPLOSION will happen on
NOVEMBER 14 and 15 {Wed and Thurs}
dependent on one very important condition


won't you be my teacher
won't you please
please won't you be
my teacher

oh its so much fun,
you know you want to
just ask them how much fun it was

look for possible class choices for you to choose to teach
or just come and craft away for two fantabulous nights
{sorry, no sleepover}
and all the fun details
coming very soon