Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Class: All Those Needed Girlie Accessories

I am so happy to have my little sis as our guest instructor this month, Vanessa Ferguson.  Anyone that knows Vanessa and/or her darling little girl Savvy, knows that they are always properly accessorized!!  Ferguliciously accessorized:-)  She will be coming to teach 3 mini-classes on making YoYos, Burnt Flower Clips, and Toddler Bracelets.  These 3 classes are easily transferable to home decor, baby, toddler, young girl, mom, or any woman of any age really! 

Listed below are the supplies for each mini-class.  A lot of these are things you have lying around the house, maybe saved in a drawer, or shoved in a basket.  These take up very little fabric so maybe cut up that old pillow case, blanket, dress, etc you've been saving for just the right project.

Flowers by Melsharay
Necklace from Cookoorikoo
Tshirt by inretrospect
Fabric yo-yos are fun and super easy to make! A highly portable project, you can make yo-yos in various sizes to embellish a favorite t-shirt, a purse or a ponytail elastic. 
Here is what you need to make these puppies:
-Fabric: Now is a good time to use up all those scraps you’ve been hoarding. Medium and lightweight fabrics are ideal, as they are easier to pull down into tight yoyos.
-Thread: You can use Quilting thread, embroidery floss or Just double up your regular old sewing thread.
-A hand sewing needle
-You will need something to trace around to make your circles. (Keep in mind that your finished yoyos will end up being a little less than half the diameter of the cut circles).  My sister suggests starting with a 5" circle then going smaller and larger from there depending on what size you like.
-Something to mark your fabric with: a pencil or fabric marking pen.
-Round up some miscellaneous buttons, beads, pearls or any other
little trinkets to use as embellishments in the center of your yoyos.
-Glue gun if you have one
-alligator clips or headbands to glue the yoyo’s to. Or you can sew the button on.

 Burnt Flower Clips
Flower tutorial by Emily Southerland
Flower Headband by PeekaBooBows
Miss Kate Flower Clip by SunshineandCarousels

Synthetic fabrics like organza, taffeta, satin, dress lining, tulle, etc. (these burn the best...)
Matching thread
Glue gun/ tacky glue
Beads/pearls/buttons/other (for the centers)
Felt (enough to cover the back of your flowers)
Alligator Clips or other hair clips (My sister says "
I use double prong curl clips, or alligator clips. You can get them at any beauty supply store.")
Hand held lighter

Toddler Bracelets 

Rose and Blue Bead Bracelet from LucyintheCity

Baby Girl Bracelets by TheFamilyJewels3
-.7mm Stretch Magic bead - you can get this at Joann’s and I think Walmart has it as well. (read about this elastic cord here.)  Make sure to measure your little girl's hand to know how much to cut at the class.
-beads of your choice 
-jewelry design board (optional but helpful-just need something to keep your bead design from rolling around)

Any questions, please let us know.  Please RSVP any old way to let us know if you will be coming to this class.  See you on March 8th!!


Brianne-zam said...

Lisa will be doing this class.

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Valerie is doing this one too:-)

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Sarah and Cindy will be doing this class too.

The Dwelley's said...

I am going to have to switch to this class I didn't have time to get fabric for the ties :(