Sunday, May 29, 2011

June Class: OPEN CLASS- Endless Possibilities!!! and SPECIAL GIVEAWAY

Brought to you by Briana Johnson Photography:-) oo, I need a cooler name, any suggestions?

Don't you love these images!! I came across these vintage sewing machines in New York as I was window shopping in Soho.  They were used to line the wall of some fashion shop called AllSaints.  I walked by the shop and these caught my eye.  Did a complete double-take!  They were so gorgeous, so show-stopping.  I couldn't believe it.  The history these machines could tell!  

So I thought these machines might inspire you to think of the endless possibilities that are yours for this month's 

Tues, June 14th @ 7:30-9:30pm
@Briana Johnson's Home

So ladies that means drag out those unfinished projects or that project you've been dying to make time for and head on over to get busy, busy!!  I would be happy to help you with any project you may have and answer any questions.

To help you get in the mood for the class and to give the class some needed revamping, I've decided to do a special giveaway this month.  One lucky winner will be swept off her feet...

no, not by a dashing man...sorry I don't have the budget for that.  By one of my

 Polka Dot Square Parkdale Aprons
shown below

Once upon a time I had a little sewing business and I still have a few aprons left that I've been saving.  This one is not your ordinary day apron, but one perfect for a bright, fresh Summer's Day!

Here's How you ENTER the GIVEAWAY:
  • 1 Entry for RSVPing for the Class- comment or use the RSVP gadget on the blog, email, FB, call, text, knock on my door, etc.
  • 1 Extra Entry for RSVPing to me early by Fri, June 10th and telling me what project you will be doing.
  • 1 Additional Entry for participating in My "What in the World Do You Want to Learn How to Sew?" Inquiry by:
Emailing me 2 links to online tutorials of things you would like to learn how to sew! You can find some great sites with ideas by looking in my sidebar section entitled "Sewing and Wearable Craft Inspiration Blogs and Websites".   

From your suggestions I will take 8-10 of the ideas for you to vote on here on the blog later on in the month of June.  I will choose them based on the following: do I think that we could complete the project in 2 hours, the expense of the supplies, the complexity of the instructions, if it sticks with our focus of sewing and wearable crafts.
This class is about YOU and what YOU want to LEARN how to sew!  So I need YOUR HELP to tell me what you want to LEARN.

So that's 3 chances to win the pleasantly peppy Parkdale Apron.  Its calling out to you for a backyard BBQ!!
I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your fantabulous sewing project ideas.  If you are not on our email list, please make a comment and I will contact you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May RSVP Giveaway: My Go-To Guy, Mr. Binder Clip

Ok so for this month's RSVP Giveaway I have something fabulous for you,
My GO-TO GUY for SEWING, the amazing, the talented, the sleek and functional

oh you wanted to see something more impressive, how about this?...

For many of you, I have already explained my love of the binder clip in sewing.  It is my preferable alternative to the straight pin when circumstances allow.  
He's easier to get on and off
He can hold more layers together
He is my best friend when it comes to attaching bias tape.
And so many more...

So for those of you who RSVP before TOMORROW's CLASS
7:30 pm @ My home
and let us know which class you will be attending - Petal Pillow or Crochet Edge Bib/Blanket,
you will be entered to win a box of these mighty men!

Friday, May 13, 2011

May Classes: Crochet Edged Bib or Blanket

ePattern for Crochet Edges found at CopyCrafts

Crochet Edge Bib/Blanket Class
Tues May 17th @ 7:30 pm
@ Briana Johnson's Home

Our final crochet class by our Guest Instructor Cheryl Bennett will be the Crochet Edged Bib or Blanket.  Its not too late to learn how to crochet.  Cheryl is very anxious to meet prior to our class with anyone who would like to get up to speed in order to learn this project.  Please contact her for times she is available.

Cheryl has offered to provide the supplies for this class, 
including the bib or blanket ready to be added to.  For this particular decorative edge, it requires a bib or blanket that already has holes punched in it ready for the crochet edge.

This has typically been a smaller class, so you receive lots of personal attention:-), if you are nervous about learning something new.

Please RSVP to let us know if you will be attending so Cheryl can have the right number of bibs and blankets ready for the class.

May Classes: Petal Pillow

The Petal Pillow Class
Tues May 17th @ 7:30 pm
@ Briana Johnson's Home

Its been so fun because there has already been a bunch of buzz regarding this pillow.  I can't wait to see your pattern and color choices!

Uniquely we will be pretty much following the tutorial found on Cluck Cluck Sew so I decided that I would save myself some time and refer you to their blog for some of the supplies {the rest are listed below}and the cutting instructions, which are pretty thorough {found a little oops, see below}

{***UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS*** as of 5/16- Found info left out of blog instructions- IF you bought a fabric with width of 60" like she did, such as a home decor fabric, you are fine with her instructions
IF however you bought a quilting cotton with width of 44/45" you need to cut out your pieces at different measurements, trust me:-)  Your pillow form will still fit, it will just be a firmer look, which I like anyway.
Pieces will need to be 18.5" x 18.5", 18.5 x 14.5", 18.5 x 11.5"}

In addition to the supplies listed on the blog, please bring your basic sewing supplies:
Thread that matches both fabrics - 1 or 2 different spools depending
Fabric marking pen {unless you mark your large circle at home}
Machine manual
Tape measure
Straight pins
Seam ripper
Ironing board (we need at least 1 per 2 people)

If you want to leave with a completed pillow {you can do it!!!}, bring a 18 inch pillow form.

Follow all of the cutting instructions on the blog found here until you get to this photo showing the large circle traced onto the front piece of the pillow.  If you have a bowl you want to use as the large circle pattern, you can either trace it at home or bring it with you.  Otherwise I will have one for you to use.

Please please please come with all of your pillow pieces and petals cut, so we can dive into sewing the pillow first thing!  I think we can complete this project if we can spend our full time sewing.  If you have any cutting questions, please feel free to call me before Tuesday's class.  This is a great beginner's class full of quick gratification.  

As usual, please RSVP to let me know if you will be attending this class!