Thursday, December 13, 2012

bloom organic airbrush tanning: discount and giveaway

local entreprenette #3

say hello to Renae...
this stunning lady also had a baby girl around the same time i had felicity.  poppy is her name.  poppy and felicity....two delightful names, destined to be friends.  renae is someone you immediately want as your friend. she has a warm, inviting nature with an ever-present essence of absolute coolness- her beauty always looking effortless.  her heart is big, super big.  one of my first meetings with renae was during our community garage sale.  renae and her husband, jesse, were thrilled to be planting a church and renae was searching for the perfect toys for their new members' children.  you could see the excitement in her hands as she choose each item with care.

i am delighted to have Renae introduce herself and her business

I have been married to my husband Jesse for 7 wonderful years. We have 2 children, a son Braeden who is 5 and a 2 year old daughter Poppy. They couldn't be more opposite and I couldn't be more happy. Our hearts are so full. We have been in ministry for five years learning and growing from Jesus each step of the way.
I have loved tanning since the early days of high school growing up in Bakersfield. Banana boat...boom box...105 degree weather. Then came tanning beds. Im fair skinned, that's a nice way to put it. The madness had to stop. I found airbrush tanning about two years ago and "organic" was the cherry on top. I actually care about skin now-and yours:) I'm the mom at the pool lathering my little Irish kids in SPF 50 every few hours. You don't have to damage your skin anymore to have a tan. It's a wonderful thing.

Bloom Tanning is a mobile organic airbrush tanning service. For whatever the occasion we want to make you come alive from the inside out. If a beautiful bronze tan is what you need to feel confident with what you already have, we can do that for you. Airbrush tanning is the safest way to achieve that flawless tan while softening your skin, naturally.

Our product is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that will bronze your skin while keeping it moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process. It is formulated with organic oils (high in antioxidants), green tea extract, organic herbs, vitamins and natural colours. The skin-firming formula goes to work while your tan develops. All of our products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and alcohol-free. The unique formula is custom blended to give you the most natural tan based on each client's skin or preference.


doesn't that just sound luxurious?! 
well you are due for a luxurious reward
renae is offering a $15 discount off your first tanning by mentioning this giveaway and contacting her here or over on her website
it gets even better for one lucky Inland Empire resident...


one lucky Sweet Dreams are Made of These reader will win 

*This giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday December 20th PST
*This giveaway is open to INLAND EMPIRE, CA RESIDENTS ONLY!!! {i know you wish you lived here}
* The winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond to the winner notification email. After 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

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{photos by Leslie Autumn Photography}

Monday, December 3, 2012

building a sense of community: say hello to local entreprenettes

one of the things i wanted to accomplish with Craft Explosion this year
was to provide a greater sense of community
women meeting other women that they may have passed at the grocery store or at the school,
but never had a chance to chat with
we had many attendees this year who met lots of new neighbors
so happy to see that!!

another way i hoped to achieve this idea of community
was to give many of these amazing women who are small business owners an opportunity to share their companies with the local ladies
three of them took me up on this idea and provided business cards with discounts which were added to the goodie bags for the craft explosion attendees

i wanted to introduce these lovely entreprenettes to you all as well
they have extended their discounts
and have added some delightful giveaways just for my readers

may i introduce these fine specimens from the ranks of work-at-home moms...
Sherrie of Domestic Days
Valerie of 2Troublemakers
Renae of Bloom Tanning  {coming soon}

visit each post to meet them and partake of their discounts and enter the giveaways

2Troublemakers: discount and giveaway

say hello to Valerie...
this woman has drive and ambition.  she is a go-getter.  i first met Valerie when she spoke at a MOPS {mothers of preschoolers} event and shared tips she had learned from having her own photography business.  since that day i have seen her bouncing around town exercising, volunteering at the schools, being a voice and the hands for charity after charity, and now creating a successful online business for the coolest kids around.

i am happy to have Valerie introduce her shop she started with her friend Nicole

So, 2troublemakers is basically your one stop shop for cool boy things. (and some tomboy things!!) 
Nicole has 2 boys, Otto and Augie, now 6 and 4, and she was constantly scouring the internet for cool products for her boys. I had Cyrus 3 years ago and was very frustrated with the lack of cool boy's items in the stores. While Nicole scoured and always found the best stuff (ask anyone, her boys are the best dressed/accessorized kids around!), and I just sort of settled on the basic everyday options at all of the local stores, we were still left frustrated. Then Nicole, just thought "hey what if there was just one cool website where people can buy everything they need". She knew that we could do the leg work and make it easy for other mamas. She brought me in on the idea and after lots of work and time, our website came together. We are always on the lookout for cool products and we just put it out there. We sell wallets, suspenders, bow-ties, moto gear, patches, and lots of fun other things for little dudes. We are having so much fun with it because we are passionate about our products! And, we are stoked that people "get" us. We were a little worried that everyone really was into fire engines and puppy dogs on their boy's stuff! ;-)

the inspiration for their shop...their darling boys

once you look, you can't stop yourself
a few of my favorite things from their shop:
4. union jack bento box
5. green/black checkered bow tie
6. mustache reusable drinking straw set

read more about how they came up with their name over on their blog

Valerie and Nicole created their own darling goodie bags for Craft Explosion attendees.
And they are extending a generous discount to all of you at their wicked shop 2Troublemakers
20% off your purchase by entering the coupon code EXPLOSION20 at checkout


TWO lucky Sweet Dreams are Made of These readers will each win a set of Toyboarders!!

i am in love with these, and so are my kids;)  they are a twist on army men...little green skaters.  
see them in action below and tell me your boys won't go nuts over these.  
{watch out they may replace Legos as the new pain in your feet:)}

*This giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday December 12th PST
*This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet:)
* The winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond to the winner notification email. After 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway