Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Craft Explosion Line-Up

First of all, a BIG thank you to my 6 instructors for volunteering to take on this project with me! I can't make this happen without you!!

I am happy to present to you all,
7 Classes in all...

taught by Heather Andres


Crystal Necklace


Measuring Tape Bracelet

CLASS #2 - Marquee Letter

taught by Danielle Dwelley

CLASS #3 - Radiator Grate Jewelry Organizer

taught by Susi Munton

CLASS # 4 - Chicken Wire Display Frame

taught by Erin Chase

CLASS #5 - Twinkle Light Board

taught by Ashley Solesbee

CLASS #6 - Faux Metallic Letter

taught by Heather Williams

CLASS #7 - Silhouette Embroidery Hoops

taught by me, Briana Johnson

Would love your feedback whether we should do:
1 Night or 2

More information on cost for classes and supply list will become available soon!
Check back for more information!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BIG PLANS - Craft Explosion in October

Ok ladies, sorry things have been a little slow around here.  If you missed my last post, I'm moving {just up the street by the way}.  So check here for details for our August and September classes.

October 11 at my new home

But I need your help!!!

Here's my vision:
Time frame:  {help me decide}
1 Night - Oct 11
2 Sessions each 1 1/2 hours long
3 Classes available in each session


2 Nights - Oct 11 and 12
1 Session 3 hours long each night
3 Classes available in each session

To have each person to be able to complete 2 projects
To have 5 instructors who will teach 1 class and also be able to do an additional project of their choosing
To have each instructor do a run-through project for their class with me prior to teaching

Class Choice:
Each instructor will be able to choose their own class to teach among the following listed projects.
That's how the classes will be determined.  Someone volunteers to teach the class, the class will be offered. Each instructor will decide what supplies you will bring and what supplies they will provide.  They will collect money from you if they choose to purchase supplies in advance for the class.

Class Project Choices -  oooohhh I'm so excited.  I am loving our options!!!  oh the fun we'll have.

Delight Twinkle Board

Faux Metallic Letter

Anthropologie Printer Letter Stand

Magnetic Inspiration Board

Silhouette Embroidery Hoops

I will be teaching this silhouette class! 

Plasti-Dip Fun


Lamp Shades

Marquee Letter

Radiator Grate Jewelry Organizer

Chicken Wire Display Frame

Crystal Necklace

Sail Away with Me Necklace

Measuring Tape Bracelet

probably available as a side station, since would be quick to make

Final Thoughts:
Don't you just want to dive in!!!  Some of these would be perfect for yourself and some of them for others as great Christmas presents.

If you would like to do a project in particular, think about teaching it.  We will do a run-through beforehand at my house a separate time, so there's no need to fear and your guaranteed a finished project for yourself.

I've never attempted anything like this at all, so would love your feedback.  Let me know your thoughts on 1 nights or 2.

Start spreading the word!  We first need instructors, so ask all your crafty friends to contact me about being an instructor.

I'm Moving - August and September Open Sewing Classes

I'm moving...

Not far away at all...just up the street really:)

So in order to keep our sewing class up and running our August and September Classes will be Open  Classes since my house/s will be literally upside-down in stuff.  Take this opportunity to come work on any project - sewing or not - you may have that you need to set aside some dedicated time for.

August 16 @ 7:30 - **UPDATED** At Amy Koot's home - 1door to my right:)
{IMPORTANT NOTE- I will not be at this class. I know that sounds ridiculous, it being my class, but I will be attending a wedding reception.  This will be an opportunity for you to believe in yourself and work through your project!! You can do it!!}

September 13 @ 7:30 - At Danielle Dwelley's home  
{I will include her address in our group email, if you are not on our group email list and would like to be, please comment and let me know.}

October 11 @ 7:30 - CRAFT EXPLOSION At my new home
lots of fun details to come shortly!!

**Please remember to RSVP for this coming Tuesday's class so that I can tell Amy who will be joining her and her sister-in-law Karistie. **