Friday, January 27, 2012

February Class: Basic Applique T-Shirt

hello...yes, remember me...
me!  the sewing class girl...i know its been awhile but i'd love to have you back in my life!!!  yes, you say?!!

as life seems to do often, it has thrown a few new things our way, but we're pressing on and through the encouragement of a few of you, i am excited to start our classes again!!!
classes will be planned on the 2nd wednesday of the month, unless noted {such as next month it will be on thurs:)}
i am thrilled to have heather back and in action!!! we sure missed her.  this month she will be teaching the hot/cold rice bag class to soothe our aches and erase our burdens... well close enough:)  check out her post here.

this month i will be teaching a basic appliqué t-shirt class inspired by my valentine's day tradition i have for my kids as shown in the photo and in the post here.  since my boys were little i gave them matching shirts for valentine's day.  now as their sizes range in different departments and with a baby girl thrown in the mix, it takes a little more creativity to achieve this tradition.  last year i attempted my first appliqués on t-shirts.  i adored how these "love rocks" tees turned out.  this year i will be conjuring up a new design and thought you might want to learn how to appliqué as well.

Basic Appliqué T-shirt Class
Wednesday, February 8th @ 7:30 pm
@Briana Johnson's Home
{please RSVP for address and gate code}

here are the supplies you will need to bring:

fabric for applique - {i recommend cotton or wool felt - bring scraps of fabric or at the most, a 1/4 yd}
thread to match appliqué fabric
fusible webbing - brands: Wonder Under,  Heat N Bond LITE, Steam-A-Seam, or Steam-A-Seam 2 - {you will only need a small amount so either: 1. buy 1/4 yd if its on the bolt or 2. if you buy a package and have a friend in the class, share!}
ironing board - {need at least 1 per 2 people}
pressing cloth - {i use a tea/dish towel}
scissors for fabric
scissors for paper -{ optional but recommended}
iron on paper stabilizer - {same quantity recommendations as for the fusible webbing}

basic sewing supplies:
machine manual - {if you are wanting a little head start, look to see if your machine has a satin stitch, if not then you'll use the zig zag stitch}
tape measure
straight pins
seam ripper ;)

as far as the selection for the appliqué template...
i will provide templates for a few shapes:

mustache, lips, heart

t-shirt made by blink baby

tutorial by finley & oliver

but you can choose any you would like to bring.  i would start with something simple, one layered and not too large - something ranging between 2" to 6",  you just need an outline of the shape,
such as:
tie, bird, letter, tree...
appliqué by customize it

appliqués by badskirt-amy

look for some inspiration here, here, or here

can't wait to get sewing!!
please leave a comment in the post of the class you will be attending - RSVP is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hot/cold rice bag

Welcome back everyone. Hope all your christmas's and new years were excellent! Heather Williams Has recently moved back, and is going to be teaching. Whoo~hoo.

So...Let's get sewing!!

Suffering from aches and pains?
Fell down and bumped your head?
Well come and make this soothing therapeutic
hot/cold rice bag.

(Place in the microwave for a few minutes for some lasting heat. Or place in the freezer for several hours to use a cold compress.)

You'll need:
Fabric rectangle, 25 x 12 inches
2 pieces of wide ribbon, 10 inches long each
Thread to match your fabric
Rice ~ 8 to 10 cups
Scissors (if you haven't already cut your fabric and ribbon)

And thats it, simple and fun.

Can't wait to see all of you and to sew with you.
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