Monday, March 7, 2011

March Class: RSVP Giveaway- Anthropologie Inspired Shoe Clips

For this month's RSVP Giveaway I was feeling the need to create something quick for our giveaway, so of course where is a guaranteed place for inspiration, Anthropologie. {a store I've only coveted, but never purchased for myself from- one of these days:-)}  I found these darling shoes, love the splash of color and burlap bow.  So I decided to make shoe clips with what I had at home.

I don't know if you've noticed but shoe clips are back!!  I remember as a little girl my mom trying to put them on my shoes and me not being very excited about it.  I was not a bow fan as a little girl or teenager.  I have definitely gotten more feminine in my style as I've gotten older.

So here they are for you to win this month.  Remember its called inspired by, not replicated:-)  I thought they were a great addition to your spring wardrobe and can bring a nautical feel to any old shoe, so I made me some too!


Just RSVP to let me know you are coming and which class you will be attending.  The RSVP thingy is back up on the blog-apparently it was just on vacation:-), so if you are a follower of our blog then you can RSVP through that, but please still let me know which class you will be doing.  If you are not a follower and you should sign up to be, I'll give you an extra drawing in the giveaway.

See you guys tomorrow!!!