Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January RSVP Giveaway: Cozy Slippers

Fabulous Miss Heather is busy whipping up some slippers for this night's GIVEAWAY.  Fabric and style unknown, but that's just part of the fun!  I know you wish they were these; this pair is a heated bunny slipper:-)  (Who knew?)

For those of you new to our group, we offer a giveaway each month for those who RSVP to let us know if they will be coming or not and which class they will be attending.

Various methods include: Email, Comment on Blog, Call, Yell across the neighborhood, FB, Run into me at JoAnns, or Ding Dong Ditch with a note and plate of cookies.  Any will do!

This is very helpful to Heather and I so that we can have enough handouts, supplies, tables, chairs, cords, etc for everyone.  We hope that this is does not discourage you from coming, but help you get ready for the class as well.  #1 Priority: COME!

So we hope to hear from you all today, SINCE the class IS TONIGHT.  Thanks to all those who have already RSVPed.

See ya soon!


Familia Vidal said...

I will come!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brianne, I finally get to come. I am so excited!
Autumn Craven

Leslie said...

I'll be there too... woo hoo.

Did Autumn just comment on a blog..
holy cow.