Friday, January 28, 2011

February Class: Baby Blankets and Burp Clothes - GREAT Beginner Class

Blanket made by Baby Chunky Cheeks
Blanket and Burp Clothes made by Swaddle In Cloth
We are so happy to have our Guest Instructor, Cheryl Bennett, coming to teach


This is a FABULOUS BEGINNER CLASS!  So for those of you who are a little hesitant on your sewing skills, this will be a GREAT CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!!  Perfect for baby shower gifts or for those of you expecting:-)

Cheryl will be teaching you how to CUT and SEW your blankets and 2 burp clothes.  These will be the great sized ones, real swaddlers: square 43" size.


1.5 yards of flannel fabric (pre-washed* and ironed)
1.5 yards of coordinating print or solid color flannel fabric (pre-washed* and ironed)

Thread - one spool - choose one that will match the dominant color in your fabric.  i always pull out the thread from the spool and lay it on my fabric to see how it looks since sometimes the color of the thread all together on the spool is different from how it looks as a stitch.  choose a good general purpose thread - polyester is good for most fabrics.
Your basic sewing supplies
Machine manual
Tape measure
Straight pins
Seam ripper
Hand sewing needle
Cutting board - the cardboard fold-up kind (optional, but helpful)
Iron (optional, hopefully we can share)
Ironing board (optional, but helpful)
Fabric marker or chalk (optional)

*Tip for pre-washing fabric: Launder your fabric as you would the finished project.  Oftentimes the laundering instructions will be right on the bolt of fabric in the store if you are unsure.

I found this darling flannel fabric collection online.  Not sure if it would come in time.  Just thought it was so cute!
Claire Bella Flannel - good price too!

Later in April, Cheryl will be teaching how to sew a crochet edge onto blankets and burp clothes.

ePattern for Crochet Edges found at CopyCrafts

Please let us know if you will be attending the BABY BLANKET class FEBRUARY 8th.  Thanks!!!


MWilson said...

Coming and so excited for this:)

marcie said...

I'll be doing this class:) Thanks so much!!

Brianne-zam said...

Lisa, Valerie, and Mara are all doing this class.

Katrina said...

so bummed to miss this one but I am taking my boys to San Diego for the High Tech Fair.