Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back by Popular Demand: Beginning Sewing 101

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We are so happy that we have been getting such great interest in our group.  We received quite a few requests to repeat our first class, SEWING BASICS.  This will be a combination of 2 classes in one:  Getting to Know your Machine and Reading Patterns.  We will utilize every minute, so make sure you come ready to work!!

{Heather will be teaching a project class on embellished tees to those who feel comfortable with the basics.  See her previous post for details.}

Here are some items that you should bring....

1. At least 1/3 yard of cotton fabric (for practicing, can be just scrap fabric)
2. A pattern you are interested in learning {any time in the future :-) } (optional- if you do not have a pattern, no problem, I have plenty for you to look at)
3. A spool of all-purpose thread any color
4. Scissors
5. Machine
6. Machine instruction manual (if you lost yours, many can be found online and ordered)
7. Straight pins
8. Tape measure
9. Seam ripper
10. Needle threader (optional- handy if your machine does not have one and you have a hard time threading a needle)
11. Any of the needed items listed in the sidebar you could bring - We are anticipating a nice sized group, so any help in bringing these items would be a huge help.  Thanks!

Please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors to the class, just let us know.  I am guessing that some of those interested in this class are not on our email list, so please help spread the word!

As always, we will be having a GIVEAWAY for those of you who RSVP.  Watch for details.

** Briana **


Brianne-zam said...

My friend Lisa will be coming for the first time.

Sara and her Mom Cindy will be coming
They are bringing:
extention cord..two chairs...and folding table.
Thank you!!


Brianne-zam said...

Autumn, Leslie, Julie and Susi will be doing this class too.
So fun!!
Borrowing 2 tables and a lamp and maybe an extension cord from Leslie.


Brianne-zam said...

Lisa is bringing two friends!