Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Success!!!

We did it!!!  We tackled our first projects.  Most of us left that night proudly carying either a pillowcase or a pillow cover.  And I've heard from a few others that completed them on their own since leaving the class.  Great work ladies.  We had such a great time on Wednesday, filling up my home with 17 industrious women.  We could have even squeezed a few more in:-)  There were laughs.  There were screams.  There were even a few women close to chucking their machines out the window.  Thankfully no tears.  Mistakes were creatively salvaged.  Overall, Success!!!  Thank you to all for coming and helping to bring our needed supplies.  Here are a few photos of us knee deep in the sewing trenches.

Remember to send us photos of your finished projects gracing their new homes:-)  We are working on setting up a Flickr group so that you can upload them for everyone to see.  Be proud of your finished projects!!  We share in your joy and give you a virtual pat on the back for a job well done {even if you don't think so:-) }

Congratulations to Vanessa for being our winner of our RSVP Giveaway.  She is now a new owner of a functionally chic pink measuring tape:-)  Thanks to all those who RSVPed, even those that couldn't come.  We don't want to discourage anyone from coming, even if its a last minute decision without a RSVP.  Just come!, but RSVPing does help us tremendously in preparing for the class.

Keep your enthusiasm for sewing going by trying out one of our At Home Projects or get inspiration from any of the amazing inspirational sites listed in the sidebar that are full of tutorials and photos.  Get together with others, chat on the blog, ask us questions! {You can find them most easily by looking in the left column under the 'Labels' section and clicking on 'At Home Projects'}

We love to hear what you thought about the class and any feedback you have to give.  Thanks for your patience as we form our group and get the ball rolling.  We look forward to next month's class in which you can choose to make an apron or a shoulder bag.  Details to come soon!!!  Happy Sewing.

Heather and Briana


Pattersons said...

that's awesome heather! if i lived closer, i'd join your neat group-not cuz i'm good, but because i'd like to learn. keep up the super work:)

Marcie Harris said...

Thank you guys so much for such an awesome time!! I really appreciate the effort you put into putting this group together - and look forward to learning more!!