Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Velvet Bow Comb

Offered Thursday November 15 Session 1 6:30 - 7:30 pm

We will be adorning hair combs with velvet ribbons.  You may choose a comb from an assortment of colors, as well as ribbon width and color of your choosing.  The comb width and the variance in ribbon widths allow you to make either an adult or child accessory.

Class Fee and Add-ons:
$4.00 for one-size comb with any width ribbon

Ribbon width and color options:
2": cobalt blue
1 1/2" colors: black, red, burgundy, lt pink, bright pink
5/8": black, hot pink
1/2": teal
3/8": black, orange, red, royal blue, emerald green, purple, white 
1/3": mustard yellow

Fee due by Friday Nov 2nd as ribbon needs to be ordered online
Payable through Cash Only

Taught by

Contact her at antandashsolesbee@gmail.com with questions about the class or leave a comment here.

Make sure to indicate your ribbon choice in the 'Options' section of the registration form above.

To see other photos of velvet ribbon combs done in various sizes and colors click here and here and here