Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Explosion Registration Giveaway

***Congratulations to Natalie H for winning our Craft Explosion Giveaway***

i, like you, love a good giveaway
i, like you {ok so maybe just some of you}, may have great intentions to do something but need a little push to get it done
so here's your little push

a fun little giveaway to give you the little push you need to register for Craft Explosion
because i know you all want to come but you just keep saying, 
'oh...i just can't decide which classes to do, i'll register later'
'oh...just let me finish gluing on these last feathers to this Halloween costume...and then i'll sign up'

so here's your chance to win

a darling set of arrow salad servers 
from the folks at the Curiosity Shoppe
it was love at first sight for me the moment i laid my eyes on this whimsical kitchen eye candy

**giveaway extended 'til Wednesday, Nov 7th when the clock strikes midnight**

You have 5 ways to earn entries into the giveaway using the nifty 'Rafflecopter' giveaway form seen at the bottom of the post:

1. Register for Craft Explosion using the online registration form above or click here (1 entry)

2. Your payment for all of your fees are received via whichever payment option is available - Cash, Check, or Paypal/Credit Card (worth 2 entries!!)

3. Invite a friend to join you at Craft Explosion and have them register as well (1 entry)

4. Tell us which class you are looking forward to completing the class and who it is for. (1 entry)

5. Post a photo of the class you are looking forward to completing on your Facebook timeline with a link to the blog (1 entry)

the lucky winner will be posted on Thursday, November 8th here on the blog

enter all your entries below


a Rafflecopter giveaway

still not sure...
check out all of our 13 fabulous classes here