Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marquee Letter

taught by Danielle Dwelley

Cost: $16 - see details in post on what it includes and what you need to bring
***Could be less if we get more people to sign up for the class. The shipping price will go down.  Will refund overcharge.
Money due by Oct 3rd
   {lights need to be ordered online}
Offered Wednesday Oct. 12th

Briana's sample from her post Marquee Love

I will be supplying:
Foam board
Mat board
Printed letter
LED Lights

You need to bring:
X-acto knife
Cutting mat
Glue gun/glue
A nickel 

To sign up for this fun project, please comment with your name, email address, and letter you would like to make.

You can make payment to me by:
mailing (just let me know that you want to mail in your comment and I will email you my info),
or giving it to me: Danielle Dwelley or Briana Johnson. Cash or check is fine.  Thanks!


The Dwelley's said...

Denise Lang is doing one Letter. The letter L

Williams Forever said...

Danielle, I would like to do one letter "C" And I can Pay you when I come and give you cash, unless you want it sooner? Let me know, But sign me up for one. Thank you.
~Heather Williams

The Dwelley's said...

No problem bring the money that day.

stina said...

Hey there-I'd like to make an H!