Friday, September 16, 2011

Crystal Beaded Necklace

Crystal Beaded Necklace

taught by Heather Andres

Cost: $6 includes all supplies
    bring jewelry pliers if you have a pair
Money due by Oct 3rd
Offered Tuesday Oct 11th - Demo at 6:30pm
15 minute project - 

I will be doing a demo at the beginning of the evening on Tuesday the 11th and then you can do at your leisure! I'll be there the rest of the evening if you have questions or need help!
You will need to let me know your color choice for the beads, here are the options (see photo they are in order left to right): 
Aqua, Royal Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Lime, Clear and Pink. 

I will provide everything and will have different hardware and ribbon to choose from that night, the only twill ribbon (tied in a bow in the back of the neck) option will be the one shown here. 
Bring jewelry pliers if you have a pair so we have extra! Thanks!

To sign up please comment with your name, email address, what color you want and how many (if that applies), and if you will be bringing jewelry pliers to share, if you would like to do the project! 

You can make payment to me by: 
mailing (just let me know that you want to mail in your comment and I will email you my info), 
or giving it to me, my sister Erin Chase, or Briana Johnson. CASH is preferred, but I will also take checks. Thanks!


Williams Forever said...

I would love to make this project, but my class I am teaching is on the 12th, so can you save one for me and when I come to teach my class, i can pick it up and pay you or leave the money with Briana...Let me know thanks.
~Heather Williams

Brianne-zam said...

I am sure Heather would be happy to save some supplies for you to make on Wed. We are however, wanting everyone to pay upfront for each class. She has given the option of mailing her a check or you can give me your money when you come to do your letters next week. What color of beads are you wanting for your necklace?
Thanks, Briana

Katrina said...

I want to do one in black :)

The Dwelley's said...

I want to do one in lime green

Williams Forever said...

I would like pink, light blue, and white. Thank you. Do you want me to mail you a check or bring it on oct 12th? Let me know.
~Heather Williams

Denise & Ryan said...

Hi I'm Danielle's sister and I want to make a lime green and gray.

Anderson Family said...

I want to make four. These will be Christmas gifts for my sister in laws :) Pink, Lime, Aqua and Grey. I will give you the money on Wednesday night. Thanks for letting me know about it :)

The Dwelley's said...

I am going to make another one of these I want the Royal blue too

stina said...

I'd like to make two of these - one green and one pink.

bri said...

i am bringing my sister, Mariana, and she wants one aqua blue and one green. she'll give her $12 to Briana J.

i would also like a lime and a pink. i'll get my $12 cash to BRiana J. as well. thanks!

bjulietg at yahoo dot com

--Briana H.

Vanessa said...

I would like to do a pink one

Brianne-zam said...

Jamie Sohn wants to do a pink one.
She will give me the money

Brianne-zam said...

I would like to make another lime green one please.