Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its All in the Bag...

 Its finally here...  The supply list and prep instructions for the shoulder bag.  Thank you for your patience:-)  We are up and running.  We will definitely be having class as planned.  You can choose to either make this REVERSIBLE BAG or an APRON (Heather will be posting this soon).  
This Wednesday night, Oct. 13, 7:30 pm, my house.  

The RSVP thing on the blog has mysteriously disappeared so please comment or email me if you will be coming.  Thanks!


We will be following the pattern and instructions for this fun, basic bag from the site Very Purple Person

Fabric needs:
2 different cotton fabrics - Each
1 1/3 yd for 44/45" width                                        
2/3 yd for 60" width

Apparel or quilting cotton will work fine, but home decor or thicker cotton fabric will hold up better

Thread to match each fabric {You can also choose to have an accent thread instead that will stand out on the fabric as I did}
Lots and lots of straight pins
Iron (mini iron would be awesome for this)
Ironing board
Embellishments (optional) - flowers, beads, ruffles, ribbon, buckles, bows, etc.
Basic supplies - see list here

If you need a little review on fabric preparation or cutting please visit this previous post here.  Remember to come with your pieces cut out and marked.  

So where do you get your pattern pieces you ask!  Simply download them here and print them out on your very own printer.  Nifty, huh?

This was the first time I had done this too.  The first page of the pattern shows how the pieces fit together and gives you a test square of 4" x 4".  This test square will allow you to know if your pattern pieces are in proper scale.  My printer printed out the test square at 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" so I added an 1/8" when I cut out my pieces.
Pattern notes**
**Cut 2 of each fabric on fold (read tip here)
**Cut on the outside line, the pattern is just showing you the seam allowance
**Watch for directional patterns when choosing which direction to pin your pattern piece
**Make sure to mark your darts on both sides of fabric pieces (see video below)

**If you wish to add a non-bulky embellishment to your purse, you can choose to do it first before sewing like I did here with my ruffles.  Take into account that you will be sewing a dart in each corner and you will be turning the purse inside out through the width of a strap so nothing too bulky.  You can also choose to add embellishments after the purse is completed.  I can show you how in class.

I'm sleepy, so if I confused you or left something out, please feel free to ask me questions or tell me 'you don't get it'.

You CAN make this bag!  It will take sewing endurance, but its not too hard for you, just more steps than last time.  DON'T BE INTIMIDATED. You want to expand your sewing horizons, don't you?  You don't want to be making pillow covers or pillowcases forever, do you?!  You CAN do this.

Oh and please RSVP and tell us what class you will be doing.