Monday, April 9, 2012

April Class: Skinny Me Up - a pants' story of transformation

Hi ladies!
Ready for this fun class??!!
Lets dig into the back of our closets
{or our children's}
and find those unflattering pants that are waiting for a makeover story of their own.

This month our class will be
Skinny Me Up
a pants' story of transformation
turning those baggy pants to fabulously fitted

we will be following Art with Ashley's Frumpy to Fabulous tutorial as featured in the above photo

April 11th, 7:30-9:30 pm
at Briana Johnson's Home

Here's what you should bring with you:
*pair of baggy pants that still fit around the waist
*pair of 'skinny' pants that fit well {this will serve as our pattern}
*two different colors of fabric marking pencils, markers or dressmaker's chalk {these will create our lines for our patterns - you want the kind that washes away or disappears - should be available at Wal-Mart or Joann's - we can always share if you don't want the expense}
*lots of straight pins
*measuring tape
*thread to match
*fold up cutting board {optional}
*basic sewing supplies - machine, manual, scissors

If you can bring any of these items for set-up that would be great!!
*folding table
*folding chair
*extension cord

Make sure to RSVP to be entered into our darling Pin Cushion Jar!!
comment, email, call, text, FB, holler...
Just let us know you'll be headed our way:)

Hope to see you guys!