Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November RSVP Giveaway - Dressing Up Your Tissue

We all can use a little incentive to do things that aren't necessarily our favorite.  So once again we are bribing you with a GIVEAWAY for RSVPing,
whether its a YES (which we would love ) or
a 'no' (so sad)
we'll still enter you into the drawing.

This month our lovely Heather is whipping up this sweet little

which sadly I can not win, because its at my house, so no RSVP necessary.

But for one of you lucky ladies, you can be styling as you daintily take out a tissue to wipe your needy nose, or quite likely, for a little person.

So please,
or YELL.

Let us know if you are coming and to which class.

See ya tomorrow (hopefully) !


Marcie said...

Have a great time. I will be at Disneyland.. See ya next time. BTW I can't stop sewing.

Amanda Sandkamp said...

I can't make it either tonight, but I really want to get to sewing one of these days! :(

Katrina said...

I will be there.