Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our first class...Basic sewing and Get to Know Your Machine

Vintage thread photo from mindystrauss
We are super excited for our first class and can't wait to see you all there.

In our first class we will have two separate categories.....

Heather will be going over Patterns and how to read them, and also be teaching Hand stitching.
Briana will be talking about how to use your machine and what you need.

Here are some items that you should bring....
1. Two small pieces of 5x5 inches of fabric-any color.**
2. At least 1/3 yard of cotton fabric
2. Sewing Needles**
3. Thread**
4. Scissors**
5. Machine
6. Machine instruction manual (if you lost yours, many can be found online and ordered)
7. Straight pins
8. Tape measure
9. Seam ripper
10. Needle threader (optional- handy if your machine does not have one and you have a hard time threading a needle)
11. Any of the needed items listed in the sidebar you could bring - We are anticipating a nice sized group, so any help in bringing these items would be a huge help.  Thanks

**"If you don't have any of these Heather will provide for you."

Let us know if you have any questions.
And don't forget about the free pincushion give-away, just complete your form to enter.
Thanks a Plenty
Briana and Heather


Sarah Stewart said...

I will be bringing an iron, desk lamp and my sewing machine... hope this helps

stina said...

I'm sorry I can't come tonight, guys. I have a school event tonight, and Alan has to be somewhere after that. Next week!

Brianne-zam said...

Thanks Sarah and Kristina that helps to know!!! Sorry you can't make it Kristina. Hope to see you next week. If you have a question about something we were covering tonight, just leave it here in a comment and then we can answer it in a public forum just in case others had similar questions!