Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Craft Explosion Line-Up

First of all, a BIG thank you to my 6 instructors for volunteering to take on this project with me! I can't make this happen without you!!

I am happy to present to you all,
7 Classes in all...

taught by Heather Andres


Crystal Necklace


Measuring Tape Bracelet

CLASS #2 - Marquee Letter

taught by Danielle Dwelley

CLASS #3 - Radiator Grate Jewelry Organizer

taught by Susi Munton

CLASS # 4 - Chicken Wire Display Frame

taught by Erin Chase

CLASS #5 - Twinkle Light Board

taught by Ashley Solesbee

CLASS #6 - Faux Metallic Letter

taught by Heather Williams

CLASS #7 - Silhouette Embroidery Hoops

taught by me, Briana Johnson

Would love your feedback whether we should do:
1 Night or 2

More information on cost for classes and supply list will become available soon!
Check back for more information!!


The Dwelley's said...

I say 2 nights

Leslie said...

holy cow.. so many WAY cool projects. I want them all!!!! What a lineup and way cool group of talented woman.... Im for sure marking it on my calendar.

Williams Forever said...

I can only come out for one night, sit you could just have my class that night and if anyone wanted to do it that miss it, I could just leave my stuff there. I dunno let me know.
~Heather Williams

Williams Forever said...

oops I meant "SO you could have" Sorry