Thursday, February 16, 2012

Humming of sewing machines = Music to my ears

it has been awhile since having a sewing class in my home, on account of my move and the fabulous production that was Craft Explosion.  it was a treat to have so many newcomers to the group and of course to have marvelous Miss Heather return as my co-instructor!

we were hard at work creating our appliqués and hot/cold rice bags
i love watching the spark in someone's eyes when they realize...yes, i CAN do this!
having ladies complete their projects in class always makes me soooo happy,
as i personally suffer from the 'if i don't finish it now, it will never get finished' disease
that i fear may be an epidemic amongst a lot of women:)

several of the women left with projects near completion 
and emailed me the photos of their finished masterpieces
i fear i may have created an appliqué addiction in a few of these women.

congratulations to Vanessa who was the lucky winner of our heart pincushion giveaway!
thanks ladies for your enthusiasm
looking forward to next month!!