Monday, May 16, 2011

May RSVP Giveaway: My Go-To Guy, Mr. Binder Clip

Ok so for this month's RSVP Giveaway I have something fabulous for you,
My GO-TO GUY for SEWING, the amazing, the talented, the sleek and functional

oh you wanted to see something more impressive, how about this?...

For many of you, I have already explained my love of the binder clip in sewing.  It is my preferable alternative to the straight pin when circumstances allow.  
He's easier to get on and off
He can hold more layers together
He is my best friend when it comes to attaching bias tape.
And so many more...

So for those of you who RSVP before TOMORROW's CLASS
7:30 pm @ My home
and let us know which class you will be attending - Petal Pillow or Crochet Edge Bib/Blanket,
you will be entered to win a box of these mighty men!


MWilson said...

So sorry we won't be able to come! Have another commitment! Have fun and post pictures:)

Katrina said...

I spoke with Cheryl and I will be there around 8:00 p.m. for an hour.